“Jules is a lovely warm, sincere person who children naturally gravitate to – my son (12) loved his sessions with her”. 

“Dedicated and committed, Jules was the lifeline to my son’s recovery (15). He liked attending the sessions and his progress was astounding”.

 “Incredibly helpful. A very caring and welcoming atmosphere”

 “My daughter  (7) definitely benefited from her time with Jules especially in terms of supporting her through a big time of change and working through the anxieties and self esteem issues that the bullying and seizures left her with”. 

“Jules is a wonderful person. She puts a smile on everyone’s face. She has built up a wonderful place of happiness and love from something dark and useless. I think that not only takes skill and motivation, but the thought of being able to help so many kids and make their lives better. I think the fact that she likes to help children weather there in difficult situations or just looking for some happiness is inspiring and a wonderful thing to do. If everyone was as brilliant as Jules the world would be a better place”. 😊